My guests and I are giving you 6+ power Teletraining  Boot camp sessions to experience in your face strategies, techniques and keys to create life empowerment for 2009!

I will use various modules and assessments to assist in your Life Empowerment plan.
Plus for added retention effectiveness you'll receive weekly action steps to reinforce what
you have learned.

You have everything within you to lead a dynamic and successful life in 2009.
It will take a good system, connecting with the right people, resources and
creating a positive environment to achieve this.

Please note: This is a faith based event

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Women's Life Empowerment Bootcamp
Featured Speakers
Marnie is a mother of six, author, the creator of nineteen web sites including the longest running article directory on the Web,, which contains over 420,000 articles and serves over 40,000 writers who submit over 15,000 articles in a typical month and more!

Whatever you were called to do, imagine yourself doing it at your ideal weight, in great health, free of aches, pains and complaints. How much more enjoyable would your life be?
There should be no question in our minds that God wants us to be healthy. His word has make that clear many times over.
So if you know you should be in good health and you know it’s God’s will for your life—what’s stopping you? This session will show you the 5 keys to getting and staying in the best SHAPE of your life.

Cathy Morenzie, the president of Active Image has been a leader in the fitness and health industry for over 20 years. Her impact has influenced thousands of people over the years to help them lose weight and develop positive attitudes about their bodies and about fitness.
Cathy Morenzie taught her first fitness class at McMaster University over 20 years ago. That was the beginning of her love relationship with inspiring others to reach their goals. She is a personal trainer, fitness instructor, workshop presenter, fitness writer for many organizations, and developer of various on-line programs and still manages to find the time to keep up with her active 8 year old son.

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"Thank you so much, this workshop helped me recognize I am not living my full potential."
D. Leonard    You Empowered

"I feel that through the listening and questions that there's a lot that I can accomplish as I attend these classes. I have a lot to learn. The handout makes you see whwere you are truly in your life.    C. Anderson  You Empowered

"Everything was great, assisted by causing one to see what their life looks like on paper and clearly see room for improvement."    C.   Lockhart   You Empowered

First, let me say that I definitely enjoyed the class and was disappointed that our time was cut so short.  I think we could have easily spent another four weeks on the materials you had for us. Second, I wanted to thank you for being obedient to God and agreeing to teach the class.  The hand-outs were good.  I liked the fact that you referenced scripture with all of your keys points.                    T. Roberts     Women Empowered For Success

"This was my first time attending your class, but I gained a wealth of
information that I will apply to my daily life. It will be a huge benefit to my life -
Spiritually, physically and emotionally.You are an awesome woman of God!    
S. Freeman.    Women Empowered For Success

Dr. Taffy Wagner         
Marnie Perhson
Cathy Morenzie
Scheduled dates for Women's Life Empowerment Boot camp

March 12

March 21

March 26   -  Two sessions

*March 31

Plus early bird  registrants receive *one bonus session. VIP and Platinum registrants receive 2 bonus sessions.
Felicia Slattery
Topic: Mindset and Faith for your finances
Mindset has to be changed in order to have faith for your
financial well being. The past mindset cannot dictate your future.

Dr. Taffy W. Wagner is a wife and homeschool mom of twins. She is also an ordained minister, author, counselor, speaker and owner of JTW Publishing, LLC. Dr. Wagner is a Certified Educator in Personal Finances. She provides one-on-one counseling, conducts seminars on love, money, relationships, communication, and empowerment as well as other topics. She is the former financial counselor for Christian Business Talk Radio and co-founder of The Virtuous Woman Tour. Dr. Wagner has created several financial products for different audiences.

-          the 3 Cs of credibility and how communicating your credibility can get you greater cash flow in your business
-          the single most important skill you must absolutely have when communicating and making money in any type of business
-          the 3 most effective communication skills a business owner needs to use when running a business

Felicia Slattery is a communication consultant, speaker, and coach specializing in training busy professionals to succeed by communicating effectively with clients and prospects.  She teaches teleseminars, leads workshops, and offers private coaching to individual clients on improving their communication skills in order to present their best image. 

Having taught communication skills all over Chicagoland for more than 10 years, Felicia describes herself as a communication "generalist," meaning that she has expertise in teaching all forms of communication including interpersonal, public speaking, persuasion, business communication, interviewing, research, male-female communication--- you name it she's probably taught it—and she loves teaching! Felicia is also a published author

Topic: How to Position yourself as an online expert

Topic: Cash in on Communication
Do you dislike aspects of your life but feel hopeless to change them? Learn transformational principles and keys to an empowered life!   Dynamic solutions for mindset shifts........
Topic:  Are you fit for purpose?
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Topic: Why diet and exercise aren’t enough:

What every mom needs for a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

Debi Silber is a Registered Dietitian with a Master's degree in Nutrition, a Personal Trainer, Whole Health Coach, Lifestyle Expert-just for moms, speaker, President of Lifestyle Fitness, Inc. and author of The Lifestyle Fitness Program: A Six Part Plan So Every Mom Can Look, Feel and Live Her Best (recommended by Parenting Magazine) and From Mom To Wow: Your Ultimate Body, Mind and Life Makeover Guide. Debi's branded The Mojo Coach™ because for nearly 20 years, she's inspired unfit, overweight and overwhelmed moms to "get their mojo back" through gradual lifestyle change.

Debi Silber
The Mojo Coach
6 Experts share breakthrough, transformational information worth hundreds during this one of a kind Power Teleseminar Series

Debbye Cannon
Topic: “How to clear out, organize and simplify your life so you have more time, space and energy.”

If you are ready to clear away the clutter and maximize efficiency so you can have more free time to enjoy with your family, friends and (gasp) even relax and have fun…join me when Debbye Cannon, the Fairy Godmother of life simplification, shares the whys and hows to un-clog  your time, space and energy. You’ll be able to get more done than you ever thought possible  in less time using the BusinessMom Mentor’s SMARTcutTM tips and techniques. In fact, you’ll soon be feeling like you just got an extra day in your week (for fun, that is!).

Debbye is known as the SMARTcut(TM) Expert, mentoring BusinessMoms who are juggling the simultaneous action of building their business without sacrificing the priorities of motherhood. She'll get "your life. simplified."

Debbye is married to her High School sweetheart and is the mother of two adult children. She has over 25 years as an independent business owner. She Mentors BusinessMoms from her (17th) home in South Jordan, Utah.

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