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mp3 $9                                                       Unleash your mind POWER

mp3 $9          5 Super Fast ways to get unstuck

mp3 $9          Stop thief Keys to overcome procrastination
            (from 21 days of Passion and Empowerment)

mp3 $11        How to Stay Focused in Crisis Power Executive Call

mp3 $11                                                     Conquer Overwhelm and Mindset Breakthroughs
     Power Executive Call

mp3  $17       Breakthrough to maximum Empowerment Sessions I & II

mp3 $7                      Effective relationship building for women

Recession proof your soul Teleseminar series

mp3  $7                      Overcome fear, doubt and unbelief  

mp3  $7                               Stress management 101 "Conquer it, before it conquers you!"

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mp3  $7
New Power-Packed Keys for Recession Proof Living
mp3   $7
A New Empowered You with Health Coach
Duong Sheahan
"A healthier and happier you"
mp3  $7
5 essential keys to empower you to live your best empowered life!
Faith works "Live by faith"
Faith works "The enemies of Faith"
mp3   $7
mp3   $7