Attention: Women,Women Entrepreneurs,
WAHM,SAHM,Solopreneurs, Business women 
and women in ministry

I've been there too stressed,confused, 
frustrated,wondering where to start,
what to do once I got started to stay 
motivated and confident or what would happen
if I never get it right and continue down this same road? It seemed "HOPELESS" It changed for me and it can change for you! 

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Learn keys to empowered, healthy relationships
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Become a woman of influence
Build a healthy body and trim down your body
Create environments to further support your endeavors towards your empowered life
Introducing: The Extraordinary Woman, Extraordinary Life eCoaching Program. A Super-charged experience for exponential growth and transformation!
From: Robin G. Tramble

Dear savvy woman entrepreneur, SAHM, WAHM, solopreneurs and those that aspire to be...
You've asked for it. I've heard your heart and now you and a few other women will have a once in a life time opportunity to take advantage of my brand new Silver Group coaching program.
I am going to offer you an incredible offer to reserve your seat today during prelaunch at an unheard of price.
I've been overwhelmed, confused, bound by low self esteem, fear and have felt stuck! Through my experience, training and research I have learned how to live an empowered life "regardless" greatly enhancing the lives of people all over the world. This has all been accomplished in the midst of life's challenges, disappointments and pain. I learned how to have sustained motivation,passion,empowerment,fearless living and shift to a success mindset.
It's no fun and you just watch as your life passes you by. The question.... will it ever change? Yes, it will change, however you must become proactive in your efforts to manifest change.
Another definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Let's stop that now. I'm giving you a chance to put some fuel under the fire and finally get unstuck and realize exponential growth in your personal,spiritual and business life.
Join me for my eCoaching program: Extraordinary woman, Extraordinary life now and realize a savings on this transformational resource.
 Don't look back 1 year from now wishing you had taken this step today. Empowerment is a choice, it's here right in front of you. Be a decisive action taking woman and make that move for your BEST empowered life today!!
Kick procrastination to the curb, stop right now and claim your seat. How much is it worth to you to finally achieve your dreams and desires, get unstuck, to realize some insights that will change everything for you and learn systems that will help you get going?
I'm ready to walk with you through this life-changing experience. Are you ready?
Empowering you,
Robin Tramble aka Empowerment Diva
Register today for  Extraordinay woman, Extraordinary life  "Spirit, Soul, Body" eCoaching program!The time is now.
Three Modules - Brief introduction below
  • Spiritual Workout
      Prayer Journaling
      Learn how to work the word and create an atmosphere for Supernatural intervention
      Discover the steps involved in praying with scriptures for added POWER
      Living on purpose
  • Body works
      Health and Nutrition (Including empowering weight loss keys}
Empowering presence for maximized success & to improve chances of becoming a
      candidate for a promotion and attracting new business/clients
      Color Awareness
      Maximizing your assets (Empowerment Diva-tude)
  • Prosper your soul (Mind, will and emotions)
Gratitude journal
Weekly Affirmation
Action steps
Shemotional Drama busters
       Life changing assessment to further enhance your personal/Spiritual/Business growth
endeavor effectiveness
      3 environments that must be in alignment for ultimate success in your life,business and/or         ministry.
      One thing that can make or break your progress in achieving your dreams
  • You will receive 4 group call audios
  • Password protected page to access downloads and pertinent information
  • Access to Robin via one weekly coaching email
  • Your own ehandbook
Bonus: Receive a one on one 15 minute coaching session with Robin a value of over $97!
You can reserve your eCoaching program for a limited time for only $177! Yes,only $177 for a 6 week eCoaching program. During this get your year in gear promotion you're saving over $100!
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