Ready to realize maximum empowerment?
"Give Me 90 Days and your mindset of Faith and I'll Show You How to Make a BIG SHIFT in your life and business!"
I'm Robin Tramble, the Dynamite "Authentic Life" Empowerment Coach. 
I've helped women across the world like you take the necessary steps to to get you to the next level in your in your life and business.
What is your biggest concern with regards to your personal and business empowerment?
Feeling stuck?
Are you playing small and you don't know why?
Working hard and experiencing little to no results?
I've designed this program for you.
Finally be free to operate from the authentic, confident you.
Tap into your brilliance and realize your ideal client because you know your uniqueness
and have identified the needs of your client.
Do you find yourself trying to reinvent the wheel?
You don't have to do that when you have instructions that are aligned with your overall vision,
goals and mission.
Authentic empowerment is the knowing that you are on purpose, doing God's work, peacefully and harmoniously. Wayne Dyer
How would it feel to know that you are on purpose, doing God's work, peacefully and harmoniously? Imagine waking up everyday with this and all with authenticity.
This is what I want for you. "No hype.... simply the real deal!"
People are tired of the hype from the woman entrepreneur reaching out to learn
the necessary skills to the client seeking solutions to their problems.
You don't have to yield to hype in your life or business.
What you will receive in this program....
  • 6 ONE HOUR 1on1 phone sessions with me.  The first call sets the stage with a self discovery and business assessment of where you are and where you want to go.
.You will receive an email within 48 hours of when you signed up with instructions on setting up the call. Look for your first appointment to be within two weeks of when you enrolled.
There is an assessment prior to the call that I request that you fill out.
Your schedule of calls will be bi-weekly.  This helps to eliminate overwhelm while at
the same time allowing you to move forward with your goals.
  • You will receive access to resources and referrals to vendors or services that will save you time or money or help you implement what you need to get done – this will save you $1,000’s of dollars you might waste with resources that aren’t reliable or don’t meet your needs.
  • Recordings from each phone session that you can listen to anytime you want or in case you need to hear again what was said.  This also helps you to listen more closely during our sessions. 
I know the Empowerment Superstar VIP program is already a valuable resource, however,
I would like to give you some additional bonuses.
Free membership in the Inner Circle Gold Tier
You have access to the audio replays, assessments, monthly and bi-monthly calls, articles and more!
Unlimited Email support -- Reached an impasse? Confused about something? Need feedback? You got it!! You can email me during the 3 months or throughout the 6 calls.
This bonus alone is priceless however, you'll also have a chance to explore the following....
Personal and spiritual empowerment
You will receive the clean sweep assessment
Master your mindset - how to figure out what is holding you back or where
you're feeling stuck in your mindset and what you can do about it.
5 steps to a personal foundation
Prioritize your life
Boost confidence and self esteem
Play a bigger game
Reignite your passion for life
Set personal goals
Business empowerment
Defining your niche
Set business goals
how to attract more clients
how to build effective relationships
how to develop new products and services 
list/community building tactics including social media
How to leverage your time
Best practices on email marketing
Effectively move forward with career/business goals
 OK Robin, what is my next step? I'm glad you asked.
The total investment for you to work 1on1 with Robin in her Empowerment Superstar VIP      90 day Private Mentoring Program is $459 per month.
Or....if you pay it all at once you save $180 off the total price!
You can pay with 1 payment of $1197  (BEST DEAL! SAVE $180!)

3 Payments of $459
 1 full payment of $1197
P.S. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again expecting
different results. Stop the insanity! Your life is waiting, however time won't.
Empowering you,
Read testimonials from some of Robin's clients below
Before joining Robin's Dream Launch Mentoring and Coaching program I was fearful, confused, & stuck with how to proceed with my dreams. After participating in Dream Launch I was able to set time schedules, speak words of faith, and eliminate the cluttered thinking. Now I am focused, I have created the Single Mom's Move Mountain's
network, started Her' Helping Hand handcrafting business, and is purposely faith-filled in my actions towards balanced success.
Apryl L. Herring, Philadelphia, PA
There is so much I could say in regards to how EWELSGC has been a blessing to me. I was sexually molested when I was a child, lived the latter part of my childhood moving back & forth between my mom and dad. I developed very low self esteem but somehow always knew there was inside of me great things, including a story, (my story). I've always wanted to write a book but every time I started I would recall past pains and would stop writing. Not being consistent was also one of my issues. Since coming to Christ I have grown spiritually, but there would always be obstacles hindering the fulfillment of purpose in my life. Yes I was living and serving but not to the capacity for which I was created. Since participating with the group coaching and being mentored by Robin I've been able to look at myself differently, been able to stand on the outside and look at myself in situations and realize that my limiting beliefs were strongholds that I had built. I began working on my thought process, disgarding the negative thinking and putting myself in more positive environments. For over 30 days so far I have been journaling as a result of my regular morning devotion and time with God. I have started writing my story again without the painful flashbacks, now I look at those times and am truly grateful for where God has brought me from and understand a little more about where He's sending me. I have been encouraged knowing what other sisters like myself have overcome. Thank you Robin for allowing God to use you!!!
Wanda Morris
Before joining Robin's Dream Launch Mentoring and Coaching program I allowed life situations to distract me actively pursuing my goals. All activity toward my passion and purpose would cease while I 'dealt" with the situation at hand. After participating in Dream Launch I realized that this was self-defeating behavior. There will always be situations, issues and problems. That's how life works. If I interrupt my progress each time, I'll never get anywhere! Now I'm pushing ahead in the face of life's challenges. I'm not allowing distractions to be fatal.
Thank you Robin.
Marietta (Mari) Taylor Raleigh, NC
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