You Don't Weep Alone
A message for the world in response to 911
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You can enjoy the song and contribute to the vision of taking this and our other music to the world if that is your desire.

You don't weep alone is a song that was written within an hour or so following the tragic event 911. I wrote it just as I felt it was downloaded to me from the heavenlies. My desire was to allow everyone to hear it across the world to get it into the hands of as many  victims who lost a loved one as I can.

Just about 6 weeks ago my husband let a gentleman listen to this song, he immediately called me and said the man was overwhelmed and began to cry. This is when I knew that "The dream still lives."  People still need to hear this powerful song.

You can listen to this song and enjoy. You also have an opportunity to purchase a copy or as many copies as you would like and/or give a donation to fulfill this dream.

You can also go here to post your comments after listening to the song or provide inspiration to individuals still healing from this tragic event to view. Please feel free to leave your comments and when you do receive a copy tell us where you are. When you send to a loved one post where they are. You can post the city and state to my blog at if you're comfortable doing that.

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Robin G. Tramble

An original  song by Robin G. Tramble  that will capture your heart and heal your soul as you soar on the wings of hope, Faith and Love. You Don't Weep Alone "A message for the world from the heart of God in response to 911"
Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy
We remember
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